Sluggish stock market still waiting for action out of Washington

– Go slow USA market still anticipating tax relief in 2017 (2 minute video)

– Fed’s rate hike pattern usually causes problems (2 minute video)

– Stock rally in USA has fundamental problems (2 minute video)

– Steady earnings growth positive for further stock increases (5 minutevideo)

– Trump tax cut could produce S&P 3000 index in 2018 (5 minute video)

– European stocks to see steady gains over balance of 2017 (3 minute video)

– Fed likely on hold until economy shows acceleration  (1 minute video)

Oil set to surge much higher in 2011

–  No stopping higher energy prices any time soon – (2 minutes)

–  Declining worldwide oil reserves means inflation dead ahead (4 minutes)

–  Higher oil prices look like they are here to stay (5 minutes)

–  Demand could push oil up to $120 per barrel – (6 minutes)