Stocks slowly grinding higher restrained by fears over higher interest rates and mid-term election uncertainty

Momentum slowing but Europe and financials look strong (5-minute video)

– Tech stocks continue to power market (5-minute video)

– Next year looking relatively strong for stocks (3-minute video)

– Real estate looking like steady investment going forward (4-minute video)

– Tech stealing market cap from other sectors (3-minute video)

– Rising interest rates helping bonds offer alternative to stocks (4-minute video)



Stocks likely to see sharp decline if tax cut pushed into next year

– Lower expectations for stocks overtaking market (3 minute video)

– Inflation is finally starting to stir (3 minute video)

– Global markets now picking up steam (3 minute video)

– Financial stocks in strong position to continue expansion (4  minute video)

– Energy improving as MLPs likely to lead sector higher (3 minute video)

– Banks in great shapes but except for buybacks (2 minute video)


Stocks likely going nowhere over Summer months but slowly improving corporate profits bode well for second half of 2016

–  Nothing in GDP growth suggests Fed should increase rates (2 minute video)

–  Oil demand could push price to $85 per barrel by year end (4 minute video)

–  Look for bank stocks to continue to move higher (3 minute video)

–  Stock candidates for the next four years and longer term (2 minute Video)

–  Some housing markets seeing unsustainable appreciation (3 minute video)

Expect stock market to tread water during first quarter but outlook improving for solid rebound beginning around mid-year

– Reports of China’s crash are greatly overblown (4 minute video)

– Banks appear to be ridiculously cheap (4 minute video)

– Year-end slowing spells concern for first half 2016 (3 minute video)

– Government market support declining and that’s a worry (3 minute video)

– Yes we are in recession – if you must ask (2 minute video)

– Here’s what works in negative rate environment (3 minute video)

– Stock market likely weak for balance of 2016 (3 minute video)

Favorable environment should keep stocks edging higher through first quarter of 2015

–  Despite corrections, stocks will grind higher in new year (3 minute video)

–  External risks are biggest risks for US stock market (5 minute video)

–  Hedge fund chief sees stocks retuning up to 10% (3minute video)

–  Leading forecasters see GDP growing above 3% next year (3 minute video)

–  Fed’s zero rate policy will eventually lead to a recession (4 minute video)

–  Falling natural gas prices driving further deflation (3 minute video)

Steady economic growth means steady stock market gains through year end

–  Fed sees improving business condition on horizon (2 minutes video)

–  All QE efforts combined did not much matter (2 minute video)

–  Float shrink continuing to drive stocks higher (3 minute video)

–  Expect GDP growth of 3% for next few quarters (3minute video)

–  Mid 2015 rate hike still seems in doubt (2 minute video)

–  Technical indicators suggest new highs by year end (2 minute video)

–  Falling oil prices good news for consumers (3 minute video)

–  Pros have mixed views on benefits of QE (3 minute video)

–  US Healthcare sector showing strong fundamentals (3 minute video)

Stock market on edge and likely to briefly sell off early in 4th quarter

–  Things are not bad at 2% annual GDP growth (3 minute video)

–  Look for stocks to correct soon with fast rebound (3 minute video)

–  Spooky October market dead ahead (7 minute video)

–  Outside of inflating stocks, Fed has done little (3 minute video)

–  European Central Bank gearing up for QE effort (3 minute video)

–  Major economies headed for major asset decline (3 minute video)

US economy moving toward expansion from recovery phase while Euro Zone in need of stimulus program

–  Building pressures likely to cause turbulence in stocks (2 minute video)

–  Bond market yields down on flight to quality (3 minute video)

–  Home price gains slowing but it’s still a seller’s market (2 minute video)

–  With markets peaking, don’t be afraid to own cash (2 minute video)

–  Sluggish Euro Zone moving toward QE easing (2 minute video)

–  Another market apocalypse in the making (2 minute video)

With Fed pulling back and inflation stirring, stocks could be in for bumpy ride during second half of 2014

–  Market likely approaching high for 2014 (3 minute video)

–  Fed has never gotten it right (3 minute video)

–  Most authorities seem unsure about the economy (2 minute video)

–  Slow growth has been good for stocks (3 minute video)

–  Housing price gains slowing sharply (3 minute video)

–  US equities are the place to be right now (3 minute video)

As stocks climb pros continue to look for 10% decline during second half of 2014

–  Tapering is now increasing risk to stocks in US (3 minute video)

–  False growth abounds everywhere (3 minute video)

–  Slow wage and GDP growth likely through 2015 (3 minute video)

–  Inflation may cause rate hike by mid 2015 (2 minute video)

–  Long time before ten year bond gets above 3% (2 minute video)

–  Emerging markets look positive longer term (2 minute video)