Look for stocks to break through historical highs in 2nd quarter then take a summer hiatus

Key FANG names likely to lead market over next year (3-minute video)

Look for energy stocks to rally sharply in second half (4-minute video)

Inflation likely to stop bull market at year end (4-minutes video) video)

S&P to 4500 with 6% GDP growth and trillions in stimulus (5-minute video)

Cyclical stock earnings to double in balance of 2021 (3-minute video)

Supply chain restraints will cause significant inflation (5-minute video)

As forecasters rush to ramp-up 2021 GDP estimates, inflation concerns are rising

GDP estimates surging for 1st quarter and full year (3-minute video)

Fiscal Stimulus may drive accelerating inflation (5-minute video)

Normalcy is still a ways off so buy the dips (4-minute video)

Fiscal Stimulus may drive accelerating inflation (5-minute video)

Stock market looks poised for 10% percent pull back (6-minute video)

Stagnant big cap tech stocks likely to resume growth cycle (4-minute video)

Depressed interest rates don’t support high stock prices (4-minute video)

Look for 2021 stock market to be rocky during the first quarter and up double digits by year end

Financial, industrial & material stocks will shine in 2021 (4-minute video)

COVID caused economic relapse possible in first quarter (2- minute video)

Top tech stocks still looking good well into the new year (2-minute video)

Stay patient and invested with 3% plus growth on horizon (2-minute video)

Bitcoin: A store of value or waste of your time and money (4-minute video)

Next year looking like a very good year for cyclical stocks (2-minute video)

History pointing to a year-end rally for major averages (4- minute rally)

Mega tech likely to again be stock leaders in next year (7- minute video)

Economy quickly rebounding after two-month recession but many businesses will need further aid to recover or survive

Labor market and inventory build picking up steam (5-minute video)

Ultralow rates could be fostering a new roaring twenties (3-minute video)

Home building roaring into year end and 2021 looks strong (3-minute video)

Massive amount of money waiting to enter market (2-minute video)  

Stocks drifting higher into year-end regardless who wins (3-minute video)

Demand pull-forward and clousures means slower growth (3-minute video)

Market toppy short term and pullback possibility increasing (2-minute video)

USA stock indexes ahead of economic fundamentals due to booming tech giants

Recovery is very brisk but still more stimulus needed (3-minute video)

Housing sales surging with historical low rates (2-minute video)

Rotation to value stocks dependent on Covid treatments (4-minute video) 

Defensive stock investing is best strategy going forward (6-minute video)

Stock market likely range bound through election day

Look for S&P to dip to 2800 in second half (4-minute video)  

Softness at quarter end with 3rd quarter looking strong (3-minute video)

Stocks market action feels bad but on road to recovery (5-minute video)

Pull backs and surges order of the day (3-minute video)

Housing market strong and getting stronger (2-minute video)

USA continues to drive worldwide growth

– Stay the course with stocks (3- minute video)

– Service sector may carry economy for a good long time (5-minute video)

– Stocks repricing means possible big gains in 2020 (3-minute video).

– Markets doing remarkably well in face of Coronavirus (2-minute video)

– Economy could make little progress in 2020 (4-minute video)

Look for stocks to be strong early in 2020 but then sell off into year end

– Stocks poised to move higher entering 2020 (5-minute video)

– Rotation into bond ETF’s signal investors reducing risk (5-minute video)

– 2020 has difficult issues particularly on trade front (4- minute video)

Next year looking good with mid-signal digit stock gains (6-minute video)

– Market performance makes Trump re-election likely (6-minute video)

– Residential housing gains decelerating to 3% in 2020 (5-minute video)

– Tax cuts powering economy and higher tax revenues (8-minute video)

Stocks still making steady headway despite ongoing trade friction and election cycle suspense

– Stock yields continue beating bonds yields (4-minute video)

– China’s weakening trade hand (4-minute video)

– Recession fears are overblown (6-minute video)

– Volatility rules but look for reaccelerating earnings (6-minute video)

– No sign of recession on horizon (4-minute video)

– Stocks look good aided by level of interest rates (5-minute video)

S&P 500 likely to climb significantly further before slowing to a stop in mid-2020

– Second half looking very positive for investors (3 minute video)

Bond market not suggesting downturn anytime soon (5 minute video)

– Second half is straight up but it will still be a grind (4 minute video)

– Rate cut coming at end of July – stay long equities (2 minute video)