Fed money printing and improving economy will support stock gains through mid-year but second half looking risky

–  Look for new highs and second half sell off (3 minute video)

–  Financial assets will deflate when Fed stops printing (2 minute video)

–  Fed will have trouble stopping QE anytime soon (3 minute video)

–  Wage increases likely to trigger rate hike in early 2015 (4 minute video)

–  Look for first Fed rate hike in February 2015 (2minute video)

–  Nothing supporting 3% GDP growth at this point (2 minute video)

–  European deflation calls for monetary easing now (2 minute video)

–  Japanese tax increase likely to cause recession (3 minute video)

–  China massive stimulus spending unlikely (2 minute video)

–  Limited supply driving housing prices today (2 minute video)