Stock market pullback of up to 5% increasingly likely in near term

–  Transportation index signaling problems ahead for Dow (2 minute video)

–  This stock market advance is a bad advance (8 minute video)

–  Hard economic data continues to soften (10 minute video)

–  Oil shock will further slow consumer spending (7 minute video)

–  Time to be balanced and very cautious on stocks (5 minute video)

Pros continue to differ widely on what’s ahead for markets and economy

Small private manufacturing showing signs of life (3 minute video)

– Flawless S&P indicator signaling recession risk (6 minute video)

– Philly Fed chief sees stead 3% growth ahead (3 minute video)

Market will finish about where it started 2012 (5 minutes)

– ECB stimulus is a game changer for first half of 2012 (3 minutes)

Despite hype, housing will remain soft for some time (5 minute video)

– Fed’s action is no vote of confidence on economy (6 minute video)