Home prices expected to weaken further

–  Housing values need to fall another 20% to get back to trend  (7 minutes)

–  Further weakness ahead in home sales but no double dip (4 minutes) 

–  No way to sugar coat the latest housing numbers (4 minutes)

–  Housing is a mess and demand side will take years to recover  (6 minutes

Fed easing great for investors but may trigger bubbles worldwide

–  QE will deliver quick asset gains but much pain longer term  (6 minutes)

–  Turning on money tap will prove fruitless due to deleveraging  (4 minutes)

–  Easy money and deficits will lead to dollar destruction  (4 minutes)

Fed moving to drive investors out of bonds

–  Value has never been better for stocks versus bonds  (3 minutes)

–  Bonds on their way to negative yields  (3 minutes)

–  Bond bubble continues building  (7 minutes)